Panels & Events

Last Updated: May 7th, 2022

Panels and workshops are presentations by fellow attendees about a certain subject, whether it be a show, game, genre or idea. We are proud to bring a diversity of panels ranging from first-timer to Veteran panels.Please consider bringing your expertise to NyanCon Panels and let’s fill up every room! Application at bottom of page

Compensation Policy

Each approved panelist and co-panelist will receive a compensated badge and access to complimentary snacks at con-ops. psst, we try to get the good snacks.

Panelist and Co-panelists must check in half an hour before each panel. Each person must check in on their own. You CANNOT check in for someone else.

If you have multiple panels in a row, you can check into multiple at once. If there is any gap in between panels, you must check in before going to your next panel.

The number of total panelists allowed in a panel is at the discretion of the programming department. If we feel the number of panelists you are applying for is inappropriate, we will contact you.

Featured Panelists

Featured panelists are return panelists that people rant and rave about from year to year. We want to see more people grow their panels and get the recognition they deserve!


  • 3+ approved panels each year
  • We can't stop hearing about you from attendees, ask your attendees to spread the word!
  • Seriously…thats it!


  • Preferred scheduling, we meet or chat with you and discuss your preferences in depth.
  • Being published on our Facebook page and website
  • You don't need to check in before panels
  • Other exclusive perks!

Rising star award

The rising star awards is an award given to one exceptional panelist/Group that given time and support can grow to be a star. This is to acknowledge panelists that are just starting to make a name for themselves.


  • get a shout-out on Facebook
  • Preferred scheduling for following year

Panel Guidelines

General Rules:

All panelists must be 18 years or older.

Panels are rated either All Ages, 13+, or 18+ (ID check required), which you will select on the application. 18+ content includes excessive violence, sex and nudity, and excessive vulgar language. 13+ is a soft rating and is not regulated via ID; it is a category to capture subjects and commentary that isn't vulgar, but not quite safe enough for young children, including light expletives.

We do not allow certain types of events due to traditional low attendance, consistently low quality content, or the the presentation being unnecessarily divisive. Any of the following types of panels will be automatically denied: Ask-a-Character panels, speed dating or speed friending events, burlesque or live erotic dance performances, religious events, and shipping panels.

You may not bully attendees, use hateful or discriminatory speech, or attempt to exclude any attendees from attending the panel.

You may not apply makeup to, perform physical actions upon, or otherwise touch an attendee. You must use your own registered panelists for any sort of demonstration.

Food and drink may be given away to attendees as part of an event, but it must be pre-packaged. Homemade food and open container drinks may not be given away. Food/drink must be gifts and may not be sold.

Workshop are allowed to charge for materials but not for attending the panel.

Badges and Compensation:

Badges will be provide for up to two panelists. Each panelist individually must go to panel check in and show ID to receive their badge.

Panel Approvals and Waitlist:

We will close applications on June 10th and we will approve panels and send notifications by June 6 with a preliminary schedule being released shortly after.

Please note that applying for a panel does not guarantee a place on the final schedule, nor is there a guarantee that we will approve all panels that you have applied with. We do try to fit as much content as possible into our schedule, but there is no way to fit all of the panels that we receive.

We will have to make last-minute adjustments to the schedule, due to Guest needs, last minute drops to panels, and other unforeseen events. While we try as hard as we can to plan ahead and avoid these, it is impossible to completely assure you that your panel will be where or when it is originally scheduled upon approval. We will do our best to notify you of these changes if they effect your panel, but please continue to check the schedule before the convention to make sure they are correct. If we have to cancel your event after we approved it, we will wait-list it at the top of our list, and you will still receive your original reimbursement.

Anyone who applied and did not make it into the schedule at first will be put onto a waitlist that is sorted by desired content for the convention.

Unless stated each room will have a computer that can be used, mounted microphone, projector and cables to connect through HDMI. We will accommodate if possible.

If you have any questions about any of these rules, please email us at [email protected]